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4 factors influencing the bathroom renovation costs in Sydney

According to a 2021 article, Australians spend a record 1 billion dollars every month for renovations, including remodelling the bathroom. Renovating your bathroom is beneficial because you can improve the storage space and fix any underlying issues. Also, you can look out for smart bathroom designs for a modern touch. But make sure you consult an expert and check the bathroom renovation costs in Sydney. According to a website, fewer renovation builders in Sydney have stated that the bathroom must be remodelled every five years. Additionally, they say many don’t renovate unless the materials begin breaking down. As per industry data, the average renovation cost in Sydney is around 19,553 dollars, and the basic makeovers cost between 5000 to 15000 dollars. Since you have a gist of the total renovation costs, you must learn about the factors influencing such prices. So, read this article further and get to know them.

  1. Flooring: The flooring cost depends upon the material and the size of your bathroom, which ranges from a hundred to a thousand dollars. So, to know the exact amount, you must find an expert online and ask for a quote. You must also enquire about any hidden costs. According to a website, flooring prices range from 75 dollars to 125 dollars per square meter in Sydney. In addition, renovating a medium-sized bathroom can cost you around 2000 dollars at the premium end and 1200 dollars at the lower end. Some common materials include laminate, vinyl, engineered hardwood and ceramic tile. You can also replace the flooring tiles with water-resistant or waterproof floors. If you select a premium and popular product for bathroom floors, the price will increase tremendously. Also, factors such as diagonal cuts and detailed patterns can elevate the price. To keep costs down, you can be selective about tiling or repair rather than replacing.
  2. Cabinets and countertops: Many Australians renovate their kitchens, including bathrooms, with cabinets and countertops. In the bathroom, they either use countertops to display decor or hold items such as kits, cosmetic products and bathroom tools. Meanwhile, cabinets are utilised for cleaning supplies, sink towels, etc. The cabinets can be installed under the sink or overhead. Installing cabinets and countertops will add to the bathroom renovation cost. For instance, installing countertops with materials like granite and laminate is budget-friendly, whereas custom concrete, marble and glass can cost you an arm and a leg. Regarding cabinets, high-end ones created from synthetic or natural wood come with an expensive price tag, unlike those made from inexpensive materials such as plastic. In case you want to customise the cabinets and countertops, you will have to increase your budget a little.
  3. Lighting: For personal grooming tasks like applying makeup and shaving, ensure that lights are installed in the proper position. You must ensure that the right lighting is fixed in the shower and around the mirrors and sink. They must also be suitable for damp conditions. Depending upon the number and type of light fixtures, the installation cost can significantly impact. According to a website, installing new bathroom lights can cost around 50 to 200 dollars in Sydney. And what if you require multi-light fixtures? It can cost you about 400 to 500 dollars.
  4. Layout: Layout can also determine the price factor. If the layout of your bathroom needs quite a lot of rebuilding to be done, then the cost will be on the high side. For such renovations, the wall components like dividers will be installed. Hence, it is advisable to pick a simple and inexpensive layout, but it depends upon your personal choice.

The bathroom renovation costs in Sydney also depend upon the amenities, décor, plumbing and labour cost. As a homeowner, if you want a well-designed bathroom, you must find the right bathroom renovation builders. You can ensure that renovation is worth all your effort and time.

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