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How to Delete Your Alexa Search History

If you’re curious about your Alexa search history, there are some simple steps that you can take to erase it. You can even delete recordings of conversations that you have with Alexa, which is useful for removing private data from your account. Then, you can set up your Alexa to stop recording conversations and use it as a voice assistant when you want. While this may seem like a minor concern, it can give you extra peace of mind.

Amazon records every conversation that you have with Alexa. It often sends voice clips to “graders” – workers who are tasked with improving the system. You can delete the voice recordings associated with your account at any time. However, you must note that this feature can record conversations without your knowledge. To delete your voice recordings, simply sign in to your Amazon account and go to the settings menu. Once there, tap the Privacy menu, and then choose “Delete previous recordings”.

Once you’ve deleted your history, you can also opt to delete all recordings from Alexa. You can do this before you go to bed. You can access the settings page on the Alexa app and toggle the Enable deletion by voice option on or off. You can also set up a schedule for the deletion of all recordings. If you don’t want to delete all recordings from Alexa, you can always use the Pocket-lint app to do so.

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