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How to Personalize Your Smart Speaker With Alexa Skills

One of the best ways to personalize your smart speaker is to download Alexa skills. These are apps that can help you find what you need and let you interact with the Alexa voice assistant. You can use these skills to access audiobooks and to listen to audiobooks you’ve purchased from Audible. You can also use them to play sounds like running water while you brush your teeth. You can even play Mad Libs with Alexa, where you ask it to complete different tasks based on a list of words.

There are many different Alexa skills for kids. For example, you can ask Alexa to play Jeopardy with you by asking her to answer questions based on what you’ve learned about the judicial system in the U.S. Using these skills, you can entertain yourself by playing the game or asking it questions. Alexa even hums and can carry a tune. There are so many possibilities for Alexa and its skills.

To try out new Alexa skills, go to the Amazon website and search for the skills you’d like to try. You can browse the categories of available skills and read customer reviews. Once you’ve chosen a skill, you can use it simply by saying Alexa opens. You can disable a skill the same way you uninstall apps on your phone. A great place to start is by searching the Skills Store for new skills. There are hundreds of them!

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