Is it Easier to Skate a Smaller Or a Bigger Skateboard Deck?

The most important question to ask yourself when purchasing a new skateboard is whether it is easier to skate a smaller or larger deck. Ultimately, this will depend on your personal preference and the style of skating you do. While smaller skateboard decks are typically easier to handle and control, larger boards are better for advanced skaters. Listed below are a few pros and cons of each type of skateboard.

When choosing a skateboard, consider how tall you are. Shorter riders may want a shorter deck, while taller skaters may find a longer one easier to balance on. A skateboard’s wheelbase (the distance between the inner holes where the trucks are attached) is another factor to consider when choosing the right deck. A shorter wheelbase is easier to balance on, while a longer wheelbase is more stable and comfortable.

A smaller skateboard deck will be easier to maneuver and control in the normal stance. It will be easier to jump and land tricks with a smaller deck. You can choose a skateboard with a small nose and a big tail if you’d like to try it. A small tail will be more maneuverable for you if you prefer a normal stance.

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The most versatile and functional type of skateboard is the popsicle-shaped board. These are best for street skating and technical riding, as they are nearly symmetrical and have a wider nose than the tail. However, these boards are less stable for flip tricks and require a certain level of speed. They’re best suited for experienced skaters.

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