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Is Stanford a Party School?

Is Stanford a party school? It’s a question that haunts many first-year students. There’s a long-standing tradition of partying, but is it truly a party school? Well, let’s take a look at what makes Stanford a party school. Let’s first examine how the school is organized. Stanford students have different social styles and different interests. Despite this, there is still a lot of partying at Stanford.

Students live in themeless dorms. They rarely know their neighbors’ names. Dorm life is pretty sparse and isolated. Freshmen have few opportunities to meet and make friends. Sophomores usually live in low-key Greek houses. Sophomores live in “s’rat houses,” which are a bit nicer than Greek houses but are still located in an isolated corner of East Campus.

However, this does not mean that Stanford is a party school. Students do socialize. You might go to a professor’s house in Palo Alto, or you may hit up the new Sichuan restaurant. However, the main goal of any Stanford student is to study, not party. Regardless of the social scene, Stanford students don’t date. They are intelligent, but most likely spoiled.

Stanford students are also very serious about their academics. Many students choose this school not because they want to party, but because it’s a big expense. If they don’t have enough money to enjoy a wild social life, Stanford is not the school for them. Freshmen aren’t as likely to check out frat parties, but they’ll be able to find smaller parties and people to hang out with.

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