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News Without Politics is an alternative news media source that is refreshingly unbiased. It is a great way to get the news without being influenced by political agendas. The website features stories from major ufa24time  news organizations, such as the Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. You can also follow the news on Twitter.

Associated Press

Some critics have claimed that Associated Press news is skewed to the left and favors political viewpoints. This criticism has been dismissed, though, by some reviewers. For example, an article about the Education Secretary’s decision to exclude DACA students and foreign students from emergency college grants featured primarily the opinions of those against the rule, without any views from those in favor of the policy.

The Associated Press is the world’s largest nonprofit news agency. It supplies a steady flow of news to its sbobetauto  members, international subscribers, and commercial customers. It is neither privately owned nor government-funded and is run by American newspaper and broadcast members. AP is dedicated to newsgathering and is an independent news organization committed to high standards.

Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor, or CSM for short, is a nonprofit organization owned by the First Church of Christ, Scientist. Its mission is to serve mankind by providing accurate news without politics. Founded in 1908, the Monitor is an alternative to yellow journalism, focusing on setteebet  in-depth foreign reporting and analysis. The paper has won seven Pulitzer Prizes, and it has published online content since 1995. It was one of the first newspapers in the US to use RSS to publish its content.

The Monitor has never endorsed a presidential candidate, although it does editorialize on US politics. For example, the cover story this week featured the work of Polish “Grannies” protesting the government’s policies, saying that their country is sliding toward fascism and intolerance.


Reuters is a news organization that does not take sides in national or international conflicts. The journalists who write about the news are not permitted to promote any political party, candidate, or cause in their work. They are also prohibited from using campaign materials. This is a commitment to the credibility of news, which is a hallmark of Reuters.

Reuters has a reputation for being fair and objective, but some critics claim it has a left-wing bias. For pay69slot  example, a recent headline about two political activist groups was inaccurate and misrepresented the positions of those groups.

Pew Research

Since 2004, Pew Research Center has conducted an annual report on the news media industry, looking at key news hunt  economic and audience indicators. It also examines the resources available to American journalists. While the press is often called the fourth branch of government, it is also a business, and the bottom line depends on its ability to attract dollars and eyeballs.

The study also finds that most Americans say that news media should not favor one party over the other. Majorities also say that other outlets present news similarly.

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