One study looked into how moviestars affected box office sales

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In its earliest years, movie stars were known only by their stage names. Mary Pickford, for example, became the first actress to be billed under her stage name. Charlie Chaplin, on the other hand, was a superstar before Andy Warhol’s ironic exploitation of the term. Despite the early era of film, the star was a convenient metonym for movie stars in an era of spotlights and marquis banners

One study looked into how movie stars affected box office sales. They studied a sample of over sixteen hundred films to estimate how they contributed to revenues. The actors’ star power and financial “clout” were also measured. MovieStars’ popularity was positively related to the presence of well-known movie stars. However, the study’s findings may be misleading, indicating that movie stars can’t be trusted to generate huge revenues. That’s a glaring flaw in the theory, but it’s worth examining.

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