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This post is too long. It’s been kind of a hectic 5 days or so and I’ve barely had time to upload any art Postscript, update my blog, and finish some other tasks. So, here goes nothing! 5 days or so ago, my little family and I left for a beautiful vacation in the sun. We packed a bunch of stuff including our bags, cameras, laptops, etc. But before heading off to our next destination, we stopped by a small Mexican bakery for something to eat. So here’s the pros and cons of going there with your dogs:

Why Go to a Mexican Bakery in the Summer?

Well, to start, we were both super overworked and exhausted from our full time jobs. Plus, there was the fact that we have very small children who kept us from having too much fun. Plus, we also rarely have the time for Mexican food. Plus, there’s really no excuse for not going to a Mexican bakery during the summer months. We started our summer vacation with a visit to a small Mexican bakery in Chicago. It was a quick eat at a local restaurant, so we had plenty of time to kill. Plus, you get to pick the perfect cake, cup, or treat for your special someone on the way. The owners of the bakery are super sweet, so you don’t feel like you’re being Telescope or anything, which is always a plus in our book.

Why Not at the Start of Winter?

Again, we had 2 children and we were overworked during winter. Plus, there was the fact that we were pretty much due for a family emergency and needed to be home for it. Plus, we also have 2 other dogs that are watch-kOOoors. Yup. We’re pet owners, not fabricators. This means that we didn’t have the time for seasonal activities this year. We also missed out on going to the zoo and seeing the Chicago Botanical and Chicago Art Exchange. So we’re seriously thinking about going back this coming winter. We’re also hoping to go to the O’Hare and O’Hudson’s Waterfall National Parks this coming spring and summer. We’re hoping that we can make time for these activities in the off-summer months too!

Batch of photos and notes before we even leave

Again, we have a lot of photos to take when we get home. And we’re still a lot of photos to shoot. So there was no time for a batch of quick shots of the neighborhood or the city skyline. But we have plenty of time for notes, infographics, and feed-the-flowers before we leave for Spring Break. We also have a ton of photos to take of our vacation rentals, such as the beautiful gardens and flower boxes at our vacation rentals, the little house we bought last year, and the house we’re currently buying.

Can’t wait for Spring/ Summer!

So far, we’ve had the best time of our lives vacationing in Mexico. We can’t wait to return soon to make our summer vacations even more spectacular. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting your camera out and shooting the day-in-day-out as your family and friends enjoy their vacation!

Don’t Forget about Coffee!

Coffee is a critical part of any vacation. We both love coffee and we’re so excited to get back to it. We want to make it a quality time together, not just a time to chat and drink coffee. We’re also hoping to make time for more socializing and going to the local places that we like to go. We’re also going to miss the community and being able to hang out with our friends at the local coffee shop.


So, last but not least, we have one more thing to take care of before we head to the desert. And that’s our last chance to clean our windshield before we head off to the desert. We haven’t driven the truck yet, so we need to clean the windshield before we head off. So, there you have it. 5 day trip to the desert. We packed a lot of stuff, including our bags, laptops, cameras, and more. But we also made a promise to ourselves that we would only go to the desert for 5 days. And we’re still going strong with that promise! We hope you’ve enjoyed this post-dishwashing guide!

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