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School Sponsorship Examples

For a successful school sponsorship, it is important to create a sponsorship package that includes a variety of benefits. For example, a package can include a sliding scale of promotion opportunities or repeated mentions in social media channels. Alternatively, a school may want to host a business directory on its website, in order to raise the visibility of local businesses. In either case, it is important to know what kind of expectations the sponsor will have before signing on to the sponsorship.

If you plan to seek a sponsor, you must ensure that the company is financially secure and does not have any legal obligations. You can request a declaration from a potential sponsor stating that they have the financial resources to support the sponsorship. If you do not receive such a declaration, you can seek permission from the Minister responsible for your Department. Once you have received approval, you can negotiate a package of benefits with the potential sponsor. This will give you the leverage to negotiate with them and gain the sponsorship that is most suitable for your school.

Another way to attract sponsors is to create a sponsorship agreement that is mutually beneficial. Schools should avoid promoting companies and products that could compromise their students’ wellbeing. Likewise, schools should avoid advertising for a company whose ethos is at odds with theirs. It is also a good idea to avoid partnering with companies that are controversial or have a radically different agenda than yours. In this way, you can promote healthy living among students and parents, and the benefits of commercial partnerships should outweigh the negative aspects.

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