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Virtual Exhibit Booth Best Practices

You may want to create a virtual exhibit booth for your company. Here are some tips. Start by sketching the layout and design of your booth. Consider aesthetic appeal. If you can, make sure your booth has symmetry. You can also include videos if you wish to educate your audience. If you’re planning on making a video, make sure it’s short, ideally less than 2 minutes. You can also include relevant information about your organization.

Consider inviting experts to the virtual booth. The experts in your company’s field can offer unique insights about your industry. Include your designers, engineers, and developers, as well as any behind-the-scenes employees. These people can also offer interactive content and help increase engagement. The more people interact with your virtual booth, the more they’ll remember your company. It’s a win-win situation! Keep these tips in mind to create a successful virtual exhibit booth.

Make use of the virtual trade show platform’s features. A virtual trade show can allow exhibitors to use their booth’s video chat feature to chat with attendees, check agendas, schedule meetings, or share relevant links. Be sure to include relevant videos and audio. By offering relevant information to your leads, you’ll increase the likelihood of them becoming warm leads and converting into sales. And, because you can interact with people who don’t live close to you, a virtual trade show may be the ideal opportunity for your company to reach out to your target audience.

Incorporate sponsored deep-links into your virtual trade show. You can insert a video with sponsored deep-links at the end of a keynote presentation or as a pre-roll ad on your website. Ensure the link includes a button where attendees can book a meeting with the vendor. This way, a viewer can follow-up and make a purchase. When creating a virtual exhibit booth, consider all of these best practices.

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