What are the Benefits of Dry Needling in Sydney

Are you looking for the advantages of dry needling in Sydney?  Prolate Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine specialises in dry needling for various reasons, not the least of which is reducing discomfort. Muscle knots, also known as trigger points, can develop into a chronic cause of discomfort that extends beyond the knot itself. Pain in other areas of your body is frequently brought on by touching the trigger point.

Your body continues to activate nerves and transmit pain signals to your brain as long as the trigger point is there. Because of the constant stimulation, nerves become more sensitive and more painful trigger points result.

The average cost of dry needling in Australia is around $135 for 45 minutes, which includes an osteopathic or remedial assessment. The following are the advantages of dry needling in Sydney:

Increases the flexibility and contractility of muscles

Again, the leading cause of this is the deactivation of trigger points! Muscle spasms can be reduced, and the range of motion can be improved by relaxing tense bands inside the muscle. Better recruitment and activation of the necessary forces can be achieved by better joint mechanics and intelligent use of the “twitch response.”

Accelerates the natural health

A tiny, pointed needle may target the trigger points in your body to relax the muscles, boost blood flow, lessen inflammation, and initiate a healing response. This healing process also improves nerve transmission and sends signals that trigger the release of endorphins, which are analgesics and naturally occurring painkillers, in your body. This means that they lessen the perception of pain.

Enhanced Motion Range

This method aids in enhancing an injury’s broad range of motion, much like dry needling does when it releases tension and pressure in trigger sites. Being able to move fluidly and with a complete range of motion is essential for athletes who are continuously on the go. When properly throwing a baseball, baseball players need to have a full range of motion on their shoulders. You place a lot of strain on your shoulder by throwing a baseball repeatedly. Therefore it’s critical to loosen up your muscles and eliminate tension. Dry needling can aid in easing this discomfort and enhancing your shoulder’s general functionality so that you won’t experience ongoing pain from this or another injury.

Accelerates recovery

The healing period is always the toughest and most time-consuming when you are hurt. Specific injuries take longer to heal than others, but you are all eager to return to full power. Patients have reported feeling pain alleviation and range of motion improvements more quickly after receiving dry needling. Dry needling therapy over other types of treatment is more popular since it speeds up the healing process.

Helps in Blood Circulation

Muscle tension brought on by trigger points can limit oxygen supply by reducing blood flow. Pain in the afflicted region may result from this oxygen shortage. By using dry needling to deactivate trigger points in the muscle, the obstruction to blood flow can be reduced, and oxygenation can be increased.


Most people apply the practice of dry needling in Sydney as it is one of the most excellent methods to end the trigger point discomfort cycle. It helps with issues that arise in the musculoskeletal system. It can also help in treating migraine, sciatica and back pain issues.

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