What is a Good Structure for a Tech Startup’s B2B Sales Deck?

There are some key elements to include in a tech startup’s B2B sales deck. For example, you should include a section that explains how your technology solves a specific pain point. You should also include relevant visuals to ensure that your prospects understand your solution. This way, you’ll know if your prospect is actually interested in what you have to offer.

The decision-maker audience. This group is typically made up of budget holders, so your pitch should demonstrate ROI and position your solution as the real creator of value. Frame your solution as a question or an answer to their problem. For example, if your prospect is interested in a software application, frame the problem in terms of a question. Likewise, if your product is more suited for a consumer audience, frame your solution in terms of solving that problem. Read more about 4movierulz mi

Your solution slide should describe your product or service and its benefits to customers. It should explain the solution in a high-level way and be linked to a demo. You should also describe the underlying magic of your product. This way, investors can see the value of what you have to offer. Your company’s vision and team members are also important. Finally, a rough idea of pricing and what type of agreement you’re seeking are essential.

In order to increase your chances of success, a sales deck is essential for accelerating the sales process. But most sales decks end up in a state of criticality. A bad example is presenting a deck live when the presentation was meant to be read. Another best practice is to adapt the presentation format based on the mode of delivery. Sales professionals often refer to the idea of “storytelling”. Statistics show that only 5-10% of prospects retain information after reading a document. A compelling story is more likely to stick in the mind of your prospect.

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